1. Introduction to Banking 4.0

Learning Outcomes:

1: Recognize how this program will help you create a more intelligent organization

2: Identifying the forces shaping banking today, and how they will impact the future

3: Reviewing the evolution of the banking models towards Banking 4.0

4: Introducing Customer Experience 4.0 and what separates it from Banking 4.0

Lesson 1.1: What Is This Program About? [± 2 minutes]

In this video, Jean-Pierre Lacroix welcomes you to the Customer Experience 4.0 Master Series. He highlights the focus of the overall program, introduces the key lesson that underpins it, and provides a road

map on how to evolve your bank’s channel strategy to meet the needs of today’s customers.

Lesson 1.2: The Current State of Banking [± 10 minutes]

Mr. Lacroix introduces the three forces of change that are impacting the banking industry, setting the context for why the industry needs to adapt.

Lesson 1.3: Introduction to the Four Stages of Banking [± 13 minutes]

The journey of banking has gone through many phases of transformation. Mr. Lacroix discusses these in addition to the difference between Banking 4.0 and Customer Experience 4.0.

Lesson 1.4: Introduction of Remaining Learning Modules [± 13 minutes]

Mr. Lacroix concludes this lesson with a summary of the remaining 8 courses, highlighting what you can expect as part of the program.

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